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"The Bonnie Days" started in 2012, when our daughter Bonnie was 5 weeks old.

I wanted to make a fun picture for my husband for his birthday so I built up a "party" setting and placed Bonnie in it, it looked like she was dancing and having a groovy time.

I was so inspired that I came up with more and more photo ideas and eventually it turned in to a photo project that is still going to this day ( Bonnie is now 7 years old).

For me this is a creative outlet but also a way to document Bonnie growing up. 

It has always been important to me that Bonnie is involved in the photo sessions, when she was a baby I made sure she had full access to interact with all things around her. When she got a bit older I showed her all things in the picture and talked about the scene we had built up. she always got to play with the props afterwards.

Today she is fully included in ideas for photoshoots, prop making, building the set and making it come alive by interaction.

She loves the whole process and it makes me so happy when she comes to me with her "Bonnie picture"-ideas.♥

I realise there might be more parents out there who would like to have their children portraid in the same way. Please contact me if you are interested in a personalised photoshoot.

with kind regards / Linda and Bonnie 







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Linda Törncrantz, located in Stockholm, Sweden

Dedicated Mother, Photographer, Visual Merchandiser

Educated at International Center of Photography, N.Y.C

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